When you invest in our Fund, you deal directly with us. This means you won’t pay sales charges, commissions, transaction costs or any third party fees that eat away at your investment capital.

This is intended to provide information only and shall not be deemed as or considered to constitute advice on, or as an offer, inducement or solicitation to trade in any securities. In the event that Investment Partners Fund should decide to distribute units, the units shall only be offered to eligible subscribers on an exempt basis pursuant to exemptions from prospectus requirements under applicable securities regulations. Investors are advised to seek independent legal and financial advice.

For advice on whether the Investment Partners Fund is an appropriate investment option for you, contact your independent registered investment advisor.

Contact an Investment Partners Fund representative either by phone, email or contact form.

  1. We will set up a time to discuss your goals and confirm whether you are an eligible investor.
  2. We will prepare the documentation required to invest which can be completed all online.
  3. We will assist in managing the process of becoming a client.

Dealing Representative:
James Maxwell 416-800-8969 | jmaxwell@ipfund.ca

Investment Strategist:
John Budden 613-789-1840 | jbudden@ipfund.ca