The Investment Partners Fund

Discover How You Can Grow Your Investments With Managed Risk

The Investment Partners Fund Inc. (IP Fund) is an exempt market fund.  Exempt market funds such as the IP Fund are only available to accredited investors meeting specific suitability criteria. For advice on whether the Investment Partners Fund is an appropriate investment for you, contact your independent registered investment advisor. The Fund involves risks, thus interested parties should also consult the Offering Memorandum and Trust Agreement before investing.

John BuddenSenior Advisor

Since joining Dominion Securities more than 50 years ago, I have been through a number of economic cycles. Along the way, I have had the good fortune to work with some legendary investors and my specialty as an investment strategist is finding remarkable investment managers capable of producing strong risk adjusted returns, in up and down markets, for institutions, endowments and family offices. After working around the world, I returned to, Ottawa in 2002.Truly great investment managers are ‘few and far between’ and, to this end, I am proud to introduce you to the exceptional team at the Investment Partners Fund (IP Fund): James Maxwell (Founder), Philip Smith and Jeremy Klein (Co- Portfolio Managers). Philip and Jeremy are seasoned global investment professionals and James is a very successful business realist. The IP Fund team is well equipped to win the battle for investment survival, by employing a unique investment strategy that combines value investing in the shares of great and growing businesses with active risk management. The team’s absolute focus is devoted to the prudent management of the IP Fund with the goal of preserving and growing our clients wealth. Contact them today to schedule a private meeting with the team or a live video chat to determine if this is the right type of investment strategy for you. Because… how you invest your money today defines your standard of living tomorrow.

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The Investment Partners Fund

Welcome to the Investment Partners Fund.


The Investment Partners Fund is an asset management company unconstrained by traditional investment benchmarks. Following a fundamental value strategy, we invest only in thoroughly researched businesses with the most promising opportunity sets. We make money by investing in businesses - not by trading stocks. Being personally invested in this fund, our management team's interests are in alignment with yours – to preserve and grow your wealth.


We seek to reduce investment vulnerability to large drops in the equity market with actively-managed hedging strategies. We focus on risk management to a degree not typical of traditional investment managers, as it requires sophisticated market knowledge and years of experience. Your ideal investment strategy integrates a pro-active, opportunistic and dynamic risk management approach making this an distinguishing component to the Investment Partners Fund.


The Investment Partners Fund's profit sharing model ensures a strong alignment of incentives between you, (the investor) and our portfolio managers, because they only get paid if they deliver positive performance. Which means we only make money if you make money.  Your investment strategy should be that simple. 

Discover How You Can Grow Your Investments With Managed Risk

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